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Criteria for Choosing The Right Construction Company

construction company

Population growth is an important factor that affects infrastructural development anywhere in the world.

How can we then talk about infrastructural development without talking about construction? It’s just not possible!

Construction of access roads, the building of houses for business and residential purpose and other basic amenities won’t exist without some level of engineering.

Without the aforementioned, there won’t be development. Urbanization of a country would be a far-reach without building structures like bridges, tarred roads, bore-hole drilling, modern markets and so on.

Today, we won’t be dwelling so much on the types of construction. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you can get an update when we will share the article that talks about the kinds of building in Nigeria.

While we all wish to have the best of roads to drive our cars and own one of the well-designed houses, we need to ensure that they are well built.

If you have been following this blog, you will recall we shared articles on the reasons why building collapse is on the increase.

One needs to take some measures before choosing the right construction company so as to get the best value for investments.

5 Very Important Criteria for Choosing The Right Construction Company  

In this article, we will be considering 5 Very Important Criteria in Choosing The Right Construction Company

1.   Local Search

Trust, it won’t be difficult to get someone who can help you execute your building project. What you might find difficult in your search is quality.

In your search, you will definitely find a lot of people doing what you want, how then do you choose the best out of the lots? Do they do what they claim to do? You need to verify little details like company’s operational address.

It’s not a crime to ask people around the vicinity of the company to get first-hand knowledge of what they do.

The company you want to choose should be accessible.

You don’t have to travel abroad to get a vendor when you can always get quality here in Nigeria.

2.   Portfolio

Upon identifying the potential company to execute your building project; do they have portfolios? Knowing this helps in choosing the right construction company.

Make sure that it’s their work being portrayed in the company portfolio. You can even take a step further by going for a physical assessment of some of the works listed in their portfolio.

At Sapient Vendors, we will even take prospective clients to past projects so they can see and touch our work.

There is also a projects page on our website where we regularly update the status of ongoing projects and 100% completed projects. Please take a moment to go through our portfolio after reading the fifth criterion in the article.

3.   Customer Reviews

In this age of technology, company reviews are easier to get. It is expected that every serious business should have an online presence; a physical presence is not enough!

Social media and websites are just a few of the digital platform you can get reviews.

Aside from what contractors say in their company profile, you can find more objective information from feedback from previous clients.

While some platform allows for rating in the form of ‘stars’ other reviews come in the form of text. A five 4-5 star rating simply tells you a company will do a better job than a company with a 1-2 star rating.

The text reviews are even better because you get to read through the comments made by previous clients.

There is no hiding place for us as well; you just need to type the name of our company (Sapient Vendors) on Google to see what our clients are saying about our services. We owe it a duty to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

4.   Specialization: Skills set

Every company has a certain level of specialization. In Nigeria for instance, a German company is known for constructing Nigeria’s major roads.

When evaluating options, you need to also consider the company’s skill set, this knowledge helps you to check the contractors’ ability for your type of project.

Additionally, you can see any other aspect of work the contractor has expertise in, which may also be relevant to your project. You also get to know if they have the tools needed for your project.

Sapient Vendor specializes in Civil engineering, Design & Building, Project Management,   and Road Construction, so if your project matches any of the services you should contact us bearing in mind all the criteria that have been listed.

5.   The Proposal

Upon receiving a proposal, if a contractor requests for 100% of the amount quoted as an upfront payment, we will politely ask you to run quickly. Even if the amount quoted is ridiculously inexpensive!

Generally speaking, if advanced payment is needed, you shouldn’t be paying as much as 100%, even an 80% upfront will be asking for too much.

When contracting a company like Sapient Vendor you need to realize you are paying for expertise and peace of mind.

This way there’s a clear understanding of a presented price and how it was determined.

We itemize every piece of fact to enforce clarity in our work. We provide the cost of the supervisor, the materials, and the cost to install those materials, liability and worker’s insurance.

Seek clarity on every quote, because you might not understand some terms in the proposal you are getting, trust us to explain them to you.

Final Words…

We always encourage readers and clients to explore available resources to get what they want.

A quick reminder here, we asked you to search locally because it is important for your contractor to be accessible.

Another point mentioned was the assessment of company portfolio and reviews made by past clients. The company’s specialization is also a huge factor; lastly, we told you to seek clarity on proposals.

Some terms of engagement can be funny; you shouldn’t be paying more and getting less. Following these tips puts you in good stead for a successful project. There is no way you won’t get a peace of mind upon the completion of your project if you use the listed fact as a yardstick for choosing your contractor/vendor.


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