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Performance Index for concrete durability

concrete cement

Performance specifications are:

  • Performance specifications clearly defines end-result requirements and owners expectations.
  • Concrete mixes are optimized and field operations performed to ensure that owner’s expectations are met.
  • Specifiers focus on what is needed, rather than on how to get it.
  • Benefits can be obtained from the use of:
  • Unique materials.
  • Material combinations.
  • Technology expertise.
  • Knowledge of local materials and conditions.
  • By concentrating on end results, performance specifications will foster innovations.
  • More durable product lead to lower life cycle costs and hence to enhanced sustainability.
  • Durable concrete can be obtained by proper concrete mix design, adopting good concreting practice at site, proper compaction and curing, adopting adequate cover to reinforcement and anticipating the proper severity of exposure during the life time of the concrete structure.
  • One of the surest ways of enhancing the sustainability of concrete constructions is by improving its long term durability and thus the useful SERVICE LIFE of the CONCRETE STRUCTURE. 

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