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Reducing Operational Expense as a Construction Firm or Builder

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Improve efficiencies and help minimize risk

Strategic Source’s consultants are experts in sourcing direct and indirect spend categories in the construction industry. To date, Strategic Source has helped 700 companies and dozens of construction with spend management, cost reduction and sourcing and procurement consulting. We have decades of experience building strategic sourcing best practices and proven procurement processes for construction companies. We’ve helped our construction clients realize billions in hard-dollar savings when it comes to procured products and services.

Spend Management: 

Looking to expand materials and commodity sourcing capabilities without adding headcount along with better ways to track and measure supplier price compliance with audits? Spending management services can help your builders and construction businesses reduce expenses and run lean by centralizing purchasing processes and better managing supplier contracts.

Cost Reduction Services: 

Cost Reduction can help construction businesses develop a tactical approach to minimizing operating expenses and achieve better market pricing and business terms. This is typically a short-term engagement.

Sourcing and Procurement Audits: 

Experts can help your construction company take optimize sustainable advantages and savings with industry best practices. Through various techniques tailored for the construction industry, we can help you meet your current and future business needs and ensure your getting the best prices in the industry.

With a strategic sourcing partnership your construction or engineering firm can:

  • Mitigate both supply risk and commodity price for key material inputs
  • Align its operating model to leverage company scale and scope to get the best terms on materials.
  • Find ways to increase profits by reducing cost overruns, better managing spend and cost fluctuations.
  • Achieve integration of and visibility into current supplier data.
  • Refine its procurement operating model.

Why Partner with Strategic Source?

Engineering and Construction (E&C) firms are facing a lot of pressure internally to improve profitability along pressure externally to reduce price. The solution to achieving this is through better procurement operations and more efficient project execution. However, first firms must be able to determine where opportunities exist to improve procurement and what capabilities gaps exist and how to best fill them.

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