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What is the cement block in the construction of houses?

This construction material, the cement block, is a prefabricated, modular material that is used in the construction of walls, similar to building bricks.

How do the cement blocks come together?

These blocks are joined together with a mortar of cement, sand and water.

What are the gaps found in each of the blocks used for?

Surely you have asked yourself why the concrete blocks have holes, what are these holes for? The holes that are in each of the blocks are used for the passage of steel structures and to fill them with mortar, in areas where it is necessary to do so.

Next, we will see where and how to use the cement blocks in the construction of houses. Ideas and examples to build houses with cement blocks or concrete blocks.

Materials of concrete blocks or concrete blocks

The material used for the composition and distribution of cement blocks is as follows

1. Dangote cement powder.

2. Sand.

3. Gravel.

4. Water.

The manufacturing process of cement blocks for construction

How is cement blocks made?

The manufacturing process of cement blocks is in specialized factories. In certain blocks and by construction specifications, some additives can be added that increase their resistance to moisture. Cement Blocks Machine is the best option for you.

The cement block manufacturing process in four stages:

1. Mixture: mix the right amounts of sand, gravel and dry cement and water.

2. Moulded: the compacted mixture is placed in the moulds. These define the interior and exterior shape of each block and its exterior texture.

3. Curing: In steam ovens to harden.

4. Cubed: The already dry blocks are stacked for storage.

Characteristics of cement blocks for the construction of houses

Characteristics of the cement block:

1. Block of light gray color.

2. Fine surface finish.

3. Resistance to compression.

4. Good mechanical capacity

5. Concrete blocks are not combustible.

6. The concrete blocks have good sound insulation.

Dimensions of cement blocks

The dimensions of the cement blocks that are used in the construction are:

· The classic dimension of 19 x 19 x39 cm, (8 x 8 x 16 inches) used in structures.

· Smaller dimension of 19 x 9 x 39 cm, (8 x 3.5 x 16 inches) frequently used in partitions.

Forms and finishes of cement blocks to build houses

The cement blocks can be used in buildings and housing extensions because of the practicality that results from finding cement blocks of different shapes and finishes:

1. Cement block for wall corners.

2. Concrete blocks for beams with longitudinal steel reinforcements.

3. Classic cement blocks of smooth texture.

4. Cement blocks with grooved or rough finishes

Thermal behaviour of cement blocks

To have a correct thermal behaviour, the cement blocks must have the following:

1. Close each joint correctly with mortar between the blocks.

2. Incorporate thermal insulation in the construction of walls, such as glass wool and polyethylene inside the concrete blocks.

3. Place a layer of insulation on the exterior finish of the concrete block.

Use of cement blocks in facades combined with polished concrete and glass

1. The cement blocks are perfectly combined with metal structure and concrete structure, both visible.

2. The metal structure, made of steel, is more economical, due to the rapid assembly of each one of the pieces that make it up.

Use of cement blocks in low-cost constructions

1. In low-cost constructions, exposed cement blocks can be used, without coating, in walls and partitions.

2. Also in the modern industrial style, cement blocks insight are an option.

Use of cement blocks in retaining walls

Cement blocks can be used to build true retaining walls at the base of walls. These are used in the walls of excavations and facilitate the construction on them of walls with different materials and finishes such as those made with pottery bricks.

In the case that the cement blocks are used, in the construction of retaining walls, these will additionally:

1. Reinforcements of steel.

2. Mortar filling

This will be completed according to the structural calculation and will also depend on the height of the excavation that needs to be reinforced.

Use of cement blocks in modern facades

The combination of walls of exposed cement blocks, with metal structures and glass, are perfectly given on the facades of modern houses.

– These walls or walls do not need to have any additional coating to guarantee an excellent finish and behaviour against the climate variables.

Use of apparent cement blocks for construction and decoration of modern rooms

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