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Criteria for Choosing The Right Construction Company

construction company

Population growth is an important factor that affects infrastructural development anywhere in the world. How can we then talk about infrastructural development without talking about construction? It’s just not possible! Construction of access roads, the building of houses for business and residential purpose and other basic amenities won’t exist without some level of engineering. Without […]

Performance Index for concrete durability

concrete cement

Performance specifications are: Performance specifications clearly defines end-result requirements and owners expectations. Concrete mixes are optimized and field operations performed to ensure that owner’s expectations are met. Specifiers focus on what is needed, rather than on how to get it. Benefits can be obtained from the use of: Unique materials. Material combinations. Technology expertise. Knowledge […]

Dangote Cement signs MoU with youths in Ibese, Ilaro communities

In its bid to improve community relations in host communities, the management of Dangote Cement Plant has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with youths in Ibese, Ilaro and adjoining communities in Ogun State so as to engage more qualified youths into its system. The company would also empower youths through various skills acquisition programmes, […]

Be a Boss, Be a cement dealer!

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The cement industry is an important part of the Nigeria economy with its large contribution to GDP. Nigeria is the largest producer of cement in west Africa. Recent reports say that Nigeria has a huge potential for infrastructural growth. When the future of involves the development of 99 smart cities, you can expect a positive […]

Causes of contaminated cement and how to avoid them

causes of contaminated cement

When a cement plug is placed off-bottom in a wellbore, it is quite common that it is not found where it is expected. But even if it is, the cement plug is often too soft or fails to provide hydraulic seal. Normally, this is due to contamination of the cement – aka ‘green cement’. How […]

Africa’s cement industry is expanding fast

Expansion of cement industry

This analysis is by Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Sonia Baldeira. It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal. in 2016 Ethiopia emerges as jewel in crown for Africa’s cement industryEthiopia has emerged in the past two years as one of Africa’s largest markets for the cement industry, vying with Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa. Dangote targets a 25-30% […]

The Nigerian Cement Story

jimmy azeez cement history

When Nigeria struck oil in the mid 1970s, it became a cash-rich country. As a result, the Nigerians began to import large quantities of consumer goods. The goods arrived at a much faster pace than the out-of-date ports could handle. Ships sprouted up in the harbor like weeds in an untended garden. Because the ports […]