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What to consider before building a house in Nigeria

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building a house in Nigeria. When you are making a budget of the money to spend on your project, there are certain things you must consider else you are in for a big surprise. These things can either increase or decrease your budget spend. Land This is the most important thing to put into consideration. […]

Dangote Cement Retailer Bumpa Offer!

dangote cement retailer bumpa offer

Dangote Cement Retailer BUMPA offer! BUY & WIN: Buy a minimum of 300 bags of Dangote Cement Weekly over a period of 12 Weeks which qualifies you for a chance to win a 20 foot Dangote Cement Container, Loaded with 300 bags of cement. Continue to buy your Dangote  Cement and accumulate your ticket for […]

Reducing Operational Expense as a Construction Firm or Builder

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Improve efficiencies and help minimize risk Strategic Source’s consultants are experts in sourcing direct and indirect spend categories in the construction industry. To date, Strategic Source has helped 700 companies and dozens of construction with spend management, cost reduction and sourcing and procurement consulting. We have decades of experience building strategic sourcing best practices and […]



When working with concrete, contractors may encounter a few different problems. The following issues can sometimes occur when pouring concrete slabs. While some aspects of working with concrete slabs have changed over the years, many issues have not. Here are three common problems that come with pouring concrete slabs, and their possible solutions. 1) Excessive Bleeding Bleeding […]

Building Collapse In Nigeria, Causes and Solutions

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Buildings do not just collapse all of a sudden. There are always warning signs before the building collapse. According to the General Manager, Lagos State Building Control Agency, Sola Adeigbe, a total of 1,104 buildings were sealed from Between June and October 2016 across Lagos State as a result of defective construction. There are various […]

Cement Block Business In Nigeria, A Profitable Ventures

Owning a home is the dream of many, since shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. However, despite the various public and private housing estates springing up in different parts of the country, creating opportunities for individuals to own houses, possessing one is still beyond the reach of many. Block-making industries came into […]


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What is the cement block in the construction of houses? This construction material, the cement block, is a prefabricated, modular material that is used in the construction of walls, similar to building bricks. How do the cement blocks come together? These blocks are joined together with a mortar of cement, sand and water. What are […]

Why Builders Need to know more about concrete

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Concrete Basics ​Concrete comes in different grades or strengths. Normally the engineer specifies the design strength of the concrete, which may vary for different parts of the building. Using concrete which is under strength will lead to problems with the structure, which could cause cracking and in the worst case catastrophic failure of the building. […]